Cairn O’Mohr

The talented team at Edinburgh based Food & Drink agency Lux invited me to work with them in updating the Cairn O’Mohr Brand and helping repackage one of their key product lines.



Started back in 1987 as a side project to founders Ron and Judith Gillies shed building business, Cairn O’Mohr make fruit wines, Scottish ciders and non-alcoholic drinks made from ingredients plucked from a 25 mile radius of their winery. Today it is still as hands on as it was on day one with Ron and Judith found picking, mashing, bottling and inventing new products all year round. 

With 2017 being their 30th year they approached Lux to look at updating their original hand drawn identity and update the packaging on their berry wine range. 


Working as part of the Lux team Jacob & Rufus visited Ron and Judith’s winery in Fife, Scotland to understand their business and their rich history. From that point we worked together to design a new identity that kept the core elements of the brand while bringing it forward so that it can last another 30 years. Once the identity was done we worked on repackaging their berry wine range giving it a fresh new look.