The team behind DevOpsHero bring a new approach to DevOps being flexible, straight talking and innovative. Their aim is deliver the correct solution whatever the platform.



DevOpsHero are Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified, innovative and experienced in leadership for cloud devops and agile practices using AWS to help enterprise businesses cope with growth and demand to deliver digital value streams efficiently, securely and reliably to the market.

DEV-Marque-Colour-Gradient 02.png


Working remotely the teams used the Jacob & Rufus Branding Workshop, a series of branding exercises that can be completed together or individually, to create a brief. Using this tool we quickly landed on the need for the identity to be both simple and heroic.

The finished marque is an interconnected monogram which mirrors DevOpsHero’s interconnected approach.

Supporting this Jacob & Rufus provided eye catching headers that can be used on Twitter and LinkedIn where the DevOpsHero team can be found, ready to solve any DevOps crisis!