English Medical Students Association -
Cluj Napoca

The EMSA are the student organisation that represents both the English branches of General Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Romania



The main role of the EMSA is to represent the English speaking student body before the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Administration, the other student organisations at University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj, and the wider academic community. In addition to this they exist to provide a network of support for students, to give students opportunities to get involved in other activities outside of the school curriculum, and to give back to the community that has welcomed us. 


The EMSA contacted Jacob & Rufus to give them a marque that would be a professional and lasting identity for this important part of the Cluj Napoca University of Medicine and Pharmacy student body.

As the team needed to be able to use the identity independently of ongoing cost the ultimate delivery became a modular identity of three parts that could be used both online and offline with ease.

The identity uses a modern redrawing of the Rod of Asclepius a recognisable symbol associated with medicine and health care.