The team at Phrase-a-Day have a simple idea. They want to get you ready for your holiday by giving you a ‘just in time’ course in language.



With expertise in languages and marketing the team at Phrase-a-Day have an idea to prepare travellers to become truly immersed in the cultures they are visiting. Approaching Jacob & Rufus the team had everything set up to kick off their big idea, all they needed was an approachable identity and a landing page.


With language clearly the key to this identity Jacob & Rufus landed on the idea of creating a marque that used the dual motifs of speech bubble and speech marks to create a symbol that could quickly anchor the brand in the languages space.

Following the identity we worked with the Phrase-a-Day team to deliver the landing page design, copy and imagery using the powerful lead collection tool unbounce. This allowed the team to start building their language community via email marketing right away.