Some people make their passion their business. RSWerks are those people. They have turned their love of Porsche into a build and restoration business that is driven by their passion.



From an early age the team behind RSWerks have been Porsche guys. Making that into a business has been a labour of love. When the team at RSWerks talk about what they do, the love for every project is clear. Based in Delaware, USA they have collected knowledge, equipment and parts that can make any Porsche enthusiasts dream com true.


RSWerks needed an identity that was a mark of quality with a nod to both Porsche and the historic feel that are the hallmark of their projects. During the research phase of the project Jacob & Rufus began to look at the 80’s racing liveries of Porsche.

Using this as a basis for the identity allowed for the development of a marque that echoes the tracks of a performance vehicle within the initials of the brands name. This marque is at once recognisable as unique while still retaining some of the styling of the unique Porsche look.

Launched and delivered alongside the new identity was a new website showcasing some of the amazing projects that RSWerks have delivered as well as a behind the scenes glimpse at what it means to be truly passionate about Porsche.